Coaching through Primary & Secondary Food

Secondary food is referred to as the food on your plate, as primary food is those areas of nourishment we seek through relationships, spirituality, physical activity, and career.

Changing the way you eat can take some guidance and support, as we often have an emotional or psychological importance related to the foods we consume. It can be uncomfortable to acknowledge these underlying feelings, but you’re not alone! I am here to support you through the change you may need.

While you may be seeking recommendations on which diet works “best”, please understand that no two individuals are identical and therefore, I focus on bioindividuality and what works for YOU. This can mean some trial and error with different dietary theories, removing certain types of food from your diet, or introducing new foods and discussing your progress and overall feeling during these changes.

So, going back to primary food. How are you managing stress and feel this impacts your food choices? I’d like to encourage meals with more fruits and vegetables along with nutritious protein options, whole grains, healthy fats, and water…remember our cells are made up of 70% water!

Working with a health coach will certainly not be overwhelming and you and I will partner together to achieve small, gradual changes that yield monumental results. I will remain objective, open-minded, and nonjudgemental to help you explore an eating style that’s sustainable.

We will meet for our sessions (in person or remote) every other week and have conversations to delve deeper into the root of your imbalances and behaviors creating them. View me as your accountability coach, your guide-on-the-side, your confidant. I am committed to you and the goals you are seeking!

Are you ready to schedule a complimentary Health History? You may always contact me at or schedule your Healthy History with the online Booking Calendar.

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