Why Health Coaches are Needed Now More than Ever

Updated: May 13, 2019

Let’s face it, we are what we eat. Our health profoundly relies on a healthy diet and nourishing the body through holistic care. While good dietary nutrition builds the foundation for wellness, we must look at all things that nourish the body.

Here are just a few concerning statistics of the U.S. and why health coaches are needed now more than ever. More than 65% of Americans are overweight and it’s estimated by 2020 half of all Americans will have a chronic disease. Despite the fact that over $3 trillion is spent annually on healthcare, our nation is plagued with preventable epidemics like type 2 diabetes which one-third of all children today will eventually suffer from. While traditional medical professionals contribute to an individual’s overall wellness, they lack the time or intent to commit to bringing lasting, healthy lifestyle changes to each patient they see.

An Integrative Health Coach largely focuses on non-food forms of nourishment including the four core primary foods: career, relationships, physical activity, and spirituality. Coaches assess a client’s overall well-being and work cohesively to develop recommendations to help incorporate basic health supportive modifications at an individualized level for every client.

How would you envision your future if you had someone to serve as active and supportive listener who allowed you to discover your own challenges and solutions? Who highlighted your strengths and assisted in creating immediate lifestyle changes to work towards your goals? The relationship between food and lifestyle and how they both affect health is the primary focus of an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Most importantly, a health coach can play a crucial part in a client’s health maintenance, disease prevention, and even disease reversal by supporting the increase in health and the quality of life.

Are you interested in guidance to alleviate mild health concerns such as:

- Chronic stress

- Fatigue

- Constipation

- Sugar cravings

- Addiction with caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, processed food, or dairy

Have you been interested in incorporating:

- Supplements

- Exercise that is right for your lifestyle

- Meaningful relationships

Or, would like to discuss your:

- Career

- Spirituality (engaging in self-reflection and experience nature)

- Time Management

- Home Environment and home cooking

I’d love to work with you! Let’s meet for a complimentary consultation and review your health history.

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