Manage Time and Procrastination

We all receive the same 24 hours in a day. It’s how we perceive our time, and create and manage it so we can stop feeling like time runs our lives. Would you like to master time management? YES, this can be done!

First, (this is one important area I’ve been focusing more on) is to BREATHE. Infuse your day simply by remembering to breathe whether it be engaging the relaxation response through your parasympathetic nervous system which makes us feel calmer, present, and centered. This occurs as you breathe into your lower abdomen. So if a deadline approaches or just something unexpected pops up, you can handle the situation with a greater sense of ease and intuition.

Next, change the way you talk about time. It seems we typically say how we don’t have enough time, the weekend went too fast, or we wish there was more time in a day. Let’s focus on grounding our energy and acknowledge that time is exactly what we make of it.

Have you ever written down all your daily activities and how much time you spend on each? You may be surprised by this exercise and I recommend trying it for just one day. Be honest and be specific so when it comes time to write down the top 5 things you care most about, you’ll be able to synchronize these two lists and begin weeding out what’s not important.

Can you focus on three primary projects every day? Start with the toughest project first thing in the morning and if you find you can’t narrow this list to three projects, then place the three most important followed by the others you can move on to if there’s time. This doesn’t have to relate to your job, and examples can include working out, spending time with friends, meal preparation, or anything else that’s important to you.

Use a calendar instead of a To Do List. Our phones are always on us and allow for us to designate a specific time block for what we program. Again, be particular about what is added to your calendar so if you’re creating a newsletter, you may want to focus on highlights for the month followed by tips, recommendations, and resources that each take time to create.

Find reliable people whom you can delegate your work to. This isn’t because your too lazy to do it yourself, but because you free up time from petty tasks which will then allow you to really hone in on your skills of expertise which in turn, provides a greater sense of happiness. As much as we would like to be that superman or woman, realistically we all need a support team.

Have you ever had someone hold you accountable for your actions? I’m not talking a one time deal but on a regular basis. Get accountability! What’s great about finding an accountability partner is that it works both ways and is a mutual benefit. This is the difference between talking about things you want to do and things you’re actually doing.

I’ll leave you with this final thought…release the idea of perfection (still working on this as well). Even if you begin including some of the above tips, know that each day doesn’t have to be perfectly scheduled and you’re not a failure if the day veers to a different direction. We’re humans, not robots! Remain judgement free and in a place where your physical, mental, and social health is supported through primary and secondary food.

X ~ Jaclyn

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