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Here in the Northeast, what better way to kick off the holiday season than with snow! I was able to sort through my e-mail since having the day off and even though I unsubscribed to what seemed like 50+ websites to declutter my inbox (and mind), I still had a good number of Cyber Monday offerings (don’t forget you have until midnight tonight to save $100 on my group coaching program starting in January 2020!).

Which brings me to what else the holiday season offers many people who are in preparation…financial debt.

I recently read an article on that stated the average consumer is in $58,673 of debt and although these consumers are stressed out because of their debt, they will continue to shop their way into more financial distress.

I also read an article a good friend of mine re-posted on Facebook entitled “This Christmas, We Don’t Need More Stuff. We Need More Love.” It couldn’t have resonated any further with me, as I am constantly trying to remind our close friends and family that my children and I have all the material items we could need, and more. We have a home, nutritious food, clean water, and one another. Not to mention an amazing family and friends circle and I’m sure you would agree with me about your life as well.

So, why the urge to fight the crowds on Black Friday or shop every cyber sale and fill our carts with more stuff we DO.NOT.NEED?

Listen, everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift. If you’ve read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, you know he explains this dream we live in often referred to as reality that has been a cycle of teachings and drillings into our minds. It’s what society creates as being socially acceptable, the norms of everyday living. Let’s start questioning the ingrained belief that products are the answer to fulfillment and happiness. Travel to a third world country and you’d be surprised at the difference in their way of life…or maybe not.

Without being one of the 48 million Americans who are still paying off debt from last year’s Christmas shopping, please, let me guide you this holiday season with SIMPLE tools to manage your holiday shopping without the financial stress. Email me at ** and we can schedule to meet before the season has you regretting your purchases.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about intimate looks, warm hugs, and kind smiles. It’s called human connection.

X ~ Jaclyn

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