The Stress of It All

I don't think I know a single person who is unaffected by daily stress with root causes relating to finances, the lack of time to get it all done, and the work or career path they have chosen. It can be completely debilitating at times.

While we know we can't escape stress altogether, how can we minimize it to live healthier and more fulfilling lives with less anxiety and more of genuine happiness?

Physical activity! Are you a team player? Social butterfly (totally me!)? The workout regular? Or, the nature lover? I can help you pinpoint enjoyable forms of exercise based on your personality type (as defined by the Myers-Briggs instrument which I discussed more on my page here).

Our systems and organs are affected by physical activity regardless of the type of exercise we choose. We know our bodies produce a natural high (thank you, endorphins!), but also keep in mind the importance of your health, longevity, and disease prevention physical activity helps to promote.

The Basics of Healthy Spending

Follow the 50-30-20 rule. This is a budgeting ratio to help stay on track and following this ratio includes:

20% of your income going towards SAVINGS

30% of your income going towards activities and purchases you WANT; dining out, entertainment, travel, shopping, etc.

50% of your take-home income (after taxes) should go towards things you NEED to pay for: housing, transportation, food, and bills.

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Focus on Primary Food...

as nutrition is really just a second source of energy. When your primary food is full, you will thrive. Actual food stays secondary and provides support to be healthy and do the things you love.

As I often refer to primary food, this includes elements such as meaningful spiritual practice, having an inspiring career, participating in regular and enjoyable physical activity, and honest and open relationships that feed your soul.

The more primary food we receive, the less we depend on secondary food. The opposite is also true. So get out there and take control of your life by creating small but incremental changes to start living a more meaningful and stress-free life!

X ~ Jaclyn

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