Why Losing My Job has Brought Me to My Purpose

Since I was a young girl, I always thought I wanted to be a teacher. I played “teacher” with my dolls and my whiteboard in the basement, teaching math concepts and spelling words. I created a library and a cozy corner because good teachers read to their students. As I became older, I honed in on my talent while engaging with children and began babysitting, coaching, tutoring, and as you can probably guess, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and teaching certification in 2007 and then further enrolled into a graduate program, earning a Master’s Degree in Education in 2011.

My career thus far has remained in the field of Education, becoming employed in both public and private sectors and for the past 8 years continuing my professional development in the stages of early childhood education, serving as a Center Director at the school I started in 2012, Kids Connect, and most recently, holding the same position at a start up school near my home.

All the while I had an immense interest in health and wellness that started in my teenage years. I played sports year-round and began exercising in varying ways once I entered high school. Food and nutrition were not equally as important until I reached my early 20s and began grocery shopping and cooking for myself while still living with my parents. The gravitation was inevitable, yet I failed to realize this was my true calling in life.

I proceeded in Education because I felt this was the right thing to do considering my degrees and work experience aligned. The work came natural to me as did the relationships I formed with children, families, and staff. These were near impeccable and I took pride in my work ethic and the dedication I provided in creating the most wholesome preschool and child care environment. Yet, something was missing. The sense of fulfillment, the sense of purpose, the sense of appreciation (at my most recent job).

Rather than acknowledge these feelings, I continued this never ending cycle of performance because it provided a paycheck and things were going well. Until they weren’t. After committing 10+ hour days to my employer to help grow THEIR company and build the infrastructure, I was told I was being let go due to the lack of my flexibility and proper training to staff.

My initial reaction was you’re kidding, right? But then I realized that this was the Universe telling me it’s time…it’s time to pursue my passion that I started when I completed the health coaching program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2019. At that time I was heavily considering continuing my education in this area but ultimately felt I didn’t have the time and was cautious of the financial burden.

Of course, we are entitled to a period acknowledging our feelings during an unprecedented time to understand the reality of it. However, taking the glass half full approach has provided me such optimism and a clearer vision as to where I see myself growing and truly finding happiness and I had it within all this time, I just needed the push to move forward.

I’m enrolled in another graduate program to study Integrative and Functional Nutrition and anticipate earning a Master's Degree as well as the credential as a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) once I am eligible to sit for the exam.

I hope this writing piece has provided you some insight and serves as a reminder that the Universe has bigger plans for you when things seem to go awry. When all along, the path we are meant to be on is exactly where we should be in this moment.

~ X


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